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Targets for Christ’s 2017-2019 Beneficiary

As many are aware our baby girl Hanna Armstrong was seriously injured on July 2, 2016 when a John Deere Gator rolled down a hill and pinned our girl between the gator and a tree. The accident lacerated her liver and her spleen and bruised her heart and lungs.

The blessings began before we even knew what had happened; even with the impact of her being pinned between the gator and the tree she suffered no head injuries nor any broken bones. God placed top rated care flight paramedics at McKinney hospital just moments before the accident and they arrived on site within 5 minutes of calling 911. She was immediately flown to Children’s Medical Center of Dallas where we were met by a whole staff of doctors, nurses, physician assistances and ministerial staff. Over the next several days Hanna was administered over 16 units of blood as she underwent several lifesaving procedures to get her stabilized.

Having never had to face such a tragedy nor ever imagined having to go through what we were about to experience over the next 96 days, we could only cling to each other, our dear friends and thankfully the promises of our savior. How folks face these times without a deep devotion and dependence on Jesus Christ is beyond my understanding; for I know we could have never survived without His tender love and experiencing His constant presence. The first several days were spent in prayer, asking for the faith to accept His perfect will for our baby girl regardless of what that perfect will ended up looking like.

As we prayed and focused on God’s blessings each day as our Hanna clung to life, we became increasingly aware of God’s most important blessing for this circumstance, which was Children’s Medical Center. The care for our Hanna was immeasurable in both quality and loving tenderness, from the wonderful doctors, to the round the clock team of nurses, to the respiratory therapist, the support staff and even the valet folks and admittance desk. These are people who truly reflect the mission of Children’s Medical Center, “To Make Life Better for Children and their families.” As days led to weeks and weeks to months, we got to know so many of those caring for our Hanna, and God began to develop a sense of need to become involved with these wonderful folks. This desire deepened when we discover that Children’s Medical Center operates with no taxpayer dollars and provides in excess of $50 Million dollars of free care to those in need that come through their doors each year. And as always God opened the door for our family to give back to this wonderful Hospital and all those that serve in it every day. Children’s Medical Center fits perfectly with the type of beneficiary Targets for Christ seeks to support, an organization that cares for the sick and needy, the most vulnerable in society, who God has called His followers to care for. So for the next three years the annual sporting clay shoot will benefit Children’s Medical Center. The first year’s funds will go to the needs of ICU, the second year support will benefit the Trauma department and the third and final year support will benefit Our Children’s House.

We hope you will join us as we seek to glorify Jesus Christ through the 2017-2019 Targets for Christ fundraiser benefitting all those whom Jesus Christ worked through to bring our Hanna back to us.




Embrace is a Christ-centered ministry based in McKinney TX, focused on equipping churches to reclaim the care of orphans and waiting children.  Embrace’s work is two-fold: providing services to at-risk, foster and adopted children and families in the local community and equipping new and existing church orphan care ministries across the country.  Embrace facilitates support groups for foster and adoptive parents, assists in recruitment of Christian homes for foster care, and provides teens who age out of foster care with First Apartment Kits made of basic household supplies to help them transition to their first apartment or dorm.



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