2017 Wild West Shootout

2017 Targets for Christ Wild West Shootout

Tonya and I would like to once again thank our many sponsors for making the 7th annual Wild West Shootout another highly successful event for this year’s beneficiary the ICU department at Children’s Health.  The 2017 Wild West Shootout sporting clay event netted $110,000 for the ICU Department, and they will use the funds to continue loving, caring and saving the little lives that come through the ICU department every year.  In 2016, Children’s Health provided in excess of $58,000,000 in free services to the poor and less fortunate among us.  You can see the 2017 event video and event winners on our website www.targetsforchrist.org or our Facebook page Targets for Christ.   

We also want to thank Scott Robertson, owner of Elm Fork Shooting Park, for the great job he and his crew did to make sure the course was fun and safe and for introducing us to our signature side game “shotgun golf” in 2016.  Babes Chicken provided an outstanding lunch.  Targets for Christ also wants to thank the staff of The Armstrong Company for all of their support, and handling the needs of our shooters and working tirelessly to make sure the event ran smoothly.  We also want to thank the folks from Children’s Health who came out and served lunch and for Dr. Beres and Kyra Barnett who both shared the mission and work of Children’s Health. 

The 2018 Targets for Christ, Wild West Shootout will be held at Elm Fork Shooting Park on September 27, 2018.  Please check back for more information as we finalize the format and event schedule. 

We give praise and all the glory to Jesus Christ for the blessing and provision He has abundantly poured out on Targets for Christ and in so doing has greatly blessed and supported His ministries.  Thank you all for your obedience to God’s call for your lives and being a part of Targets for Christ’s.

Event Winners!

HOA Winner - J Armstrong

HOA Runner Up - Jayson Campbell

Shotgun Golf Winner - Shawn Beaty

Raffle Ticket Winner - Ronnie Shipman

A Class Winners:
1st Place - Mike Williams
2nd Place - Howard Kane
3rd Place - Justin Caffey
4th Place - Randy Atchley

B Class Winners:
1st Place - Mark Thompson
2nd Place - Adam Jauch
3rd Place - David Corley
4th Place - Frank Joiner

C Class Winners:
1st Place - Jim Brown
2nd Place - Jaime Garcia
3rd Place - Mark Hestwood
4th Place - Lindsey Ewert/Kevin Potts

D Class Winners:
1st Place - Justin Venteicher
2nd Place - David Vestal
3rd Place - Jon Flores
4th Place - Shawn Beaty

E Class Winners:
1st Place - Jim Bryer
2nd Place - Don Johnson
3rd Place - Scott Wilkinson
4th Place - Jason Meyers



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